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Carl Guardino, President & CEO

Jason Baker, Vice President Transportation, Housing & Community
Development 408.501.7884

Brian Brennan, Senior Vice President, Investor Relations, State & Federal Coalitions 408.453.4752

Alysa Cisneros, Senior Associate, Education Policy & Programs 408.501.7863

Phyllis Claassen, Senior Vice President, Administration & Finance 408.501.7855

Angelica Cortez, Director, Investor Relations and Strategic Coalitions 408.501.7852

Shannon De-Atley Johnson, Special Events Director 408.453.4753

Kimberly Ellis, Senior Vice President, Communications & Marketing 408.501.7853

Paul Escobar, Senior Director, Tech & Education Policy 408.501.7875

Kathleen Wortham, Associate, Housing and Health Policy 408.501.7854

Margaret Gray, Senior Director, Education and Workforce Development 408.453.4751

Nathan Ho, Senior Director, Housing & Community Development 408.501.7859

Pam Kelly, Senior Marketing Communications Manager 408.501.7879

Dan Kostenbauder, Vice President, Tax Policy 408.501.7881

Kelli Kuykendall, Associate, Communications  408.200.2330

Christophe LaBelle, Associate, Environment & Energy  408.453.4754

Peter Leroe-Muñoz, Vice President, Technology & Innovation 408.200.2357

Jamila McIntosh, Senior Associate, Graphic Design 408.501.7862

Tim McRae, Vice President, Energy 408.501.7871

Mike Mielke, Senior Vice President,  Energy & Environment 408.501.7858

David Palter, Senior Associate, Workforce Development 408.501.7876

Matthew Quevedo, Director, Housing, Transportation and Community Engagement 408.501.7870

Nardin Sarkis, Senior Associate, Government Relations 408.501.7856

Heidi Sickler, Director, Energy & Environmental Policy 408.501.7883

Connie Vieaux,  Investor Relations Manager, Membership  408.200.2356

Megan White, Executive Assistant 408.501.7864

Peggy Yonts, Director, Human Resources 408.501.7857

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