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Caltrain Town Halls

Launched during the Civil War, Caltrain commuter rail service has been a key component for commuters for 150 years.

In spite of strong ridership, this well-run rail line risks insolvency as it lacks a dedicated revenue stream, which almost every transit system in America enjoys.

Significant cuts are currently being proposed, with one option slashing service from 86 daily trains to just 48. With some hard work and creativity, we are hoping to minimize those cuts in the short term and add service in the long term.

To keep Caltrain strong, we need your feedback participation. Over the next six weeks, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group will host eight “town hall” meetings up & down the 79-mile Caltrain corridor.

We kick-off in Mountain View on April 11, with future town halls in Morgan Hill San Jose, Santa Clara and Palo Alto. Visit for dates, times and details.

Caltrain serves 41,000 daily trips. We cannot afford to place those commuters back on the already congested 101 corridor. Let’s work together to ensure service cuts are minimized, and find creative ways to strengthen the system for the next 150 years.

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