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Game Changers

Butkis, nada, zero, none, zilch.

That is the precise number of jobs created in the entire United States in the month of August.

This week, the President will lay out a “jobs plan.”

In the past two weeks, we have heard “jobs plans” from Governor Brown and members of the state legislature.

Here’s a suggestion – as elected officials lay out their “jobs plans,” first consult those who create jobs . . . Entrepreneurs, CEOs and innovators who invest creativity and capital to actually hire people.

Without a single new job created in America in august, it is not time for the “same ole, same ole.” What are the game changers in your jobs plan that are going to make a difference?

This is why the Silicon Valley Leadership Group is hosting our inaugural “Game Changers” summit the morning of September 13.

In the innovation capital of the world, we will interact directly in spirited discussions with the game changers who create and grow jobs with the specifics of what is needed to get America, California and Silicon Valley moving.

Join us at game changers on September 13. For more information, go to

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  1. Great article in yesterday's Mercury News. I've made suggestions of a similar sentiment twice in as many weeks to the editor. The phrase I used was "opportunity creation" for new markets, products, and businesses, but I like your version "game changers" better.

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