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Governor Jerry Brown Announces Public Pension Reform Plan

Jerry Brown proved again that he has the grit and good judgment to be governor of the Golden State.

On Thursday, he unveiled a measured, yet necessary pension reform proposal for California public employees.

This plan constitutes an essential and politically courageous step forward in our collective effort to put our state on firm financial footing, provide needed services, aggressively support job growth, and honor our commitments to our public sector workers. The 12 step proposal includes a provision to raise the retirement age to collect benefits from 50 to 67, with the exception of public safety officers. It would also put new state employees on a hybrid benefit track which would include defined benefits, social security and a 401k program. In addition the plan would require 3 year final compensation to stop spiking for new employees.

Shortly after releasing his 12 point pension reform plan Governor Brown was immediately assailed from the polarizing forces on both the left and right which reinforces that his plan falls right into the sensible center.

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