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New York Policy Trip

As we look back at Independence Day, a central theme of our founders emerges – “United We Stand.”

Recently, I traveled to New York City to meet with Mayor Michael Bloomberg. We discussed how we can best work together to move our nation forward: Education reform for American children, immigration reform for high-skilled workers and a coherent national energy policy.

We also met with the Long Island Business Association – a sister organization to the Silicon Valley Leadership Group – with whom we will partner on key issues impacting America’s competitiveness and job creation. We’re reaching out to 25 similar organizations across the nation: Chicago, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, Austin, Boston, Los Angeles, Cincinnati and Baltimore. From a regional level, we hope to drive a national agenda that is long on policy victories and short on partisan politics.

We should expect no less from our national leaders elected to serve us in D.C.

Our national coalition of regional leaders is aimed at America’s competitiveness and job creation. We can think of few greater missions than ensuring our nation can compete and that each American who wants a job can seek and secure a job. United, we stand . . . For a strong future for all Americans.

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