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Plug-in Hybrid Prius helps drive innovation

With the Gulf oil spill continuing to poison America’s coastline, I took my first spin in Toyota’s new demonstration model Plug-In Hybrid Prius. This week, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Toyota announced an 18-month partnership that allows the Leadership Group to drive the first three Plug-In Hybrid Prius’ in all of North America during the next 18 months. These innovative new cars will be released in the marketplace in 2012.

Thanks to Coulomb Technologies, we have charging stations sprouting up across America to make this transportation transition possible.

The choice was simple – with 41 percent of the Bay Area’s greenhouse gases generated by our daily transportation decisions, I literally hold the key to our green economy future in my hands. But it means tossing away the key to an economy based on fossil fuels and high gas prices. So, Tuesday, in fine Silicon Valley tradition, I placed my old car on Craig’s List and drove away in my new plug-in Prius.

A clean environment and a green economy. Let’s drive solutions that offer both. Learn more at our Silicon Valley Leadership Group web site at

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