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About Us

For nearly 25 years, the Leadership Group has advocated for the construction of new homes in the Silicon Valley – more than 80,000 homes. Leadership Group staff attend city and county meetings in support of housing developments and pro-housing policy across the Silicon Valley.

The Leadership Group seeks to add needed housing, affordability and connectivity to major transportation hubs and will continue to advocate on behalf of much needed housing and progressive city planning as Santa Clara County is expected to add more residents than the current population of Sunnyvale by 2020.

Our Team

Nathan Ho
Senior Director, Housing and Community Development
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Matthew Quevedo
Senior Associate, Transportation, Housing and Community Engagement
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Kat Wortham
Associate of Housing & Health Policy

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Housing & Community Development Committee


The Leadership Group Housing and Community Development Committee is comprised of member companies who are committed to strengthening the quality of life within the Silicon Valley by increasing opportunities for workers and residents to secure affordable housing proximate to their work.

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Meetings are generally held on the second Tuesday of each month from 12:00 pm-2:00 pm and are open only to member company representatives.

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David KramerBlach Construction

Craig Robinson,  SVB Financial

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Housing & Community Development Workplan

State Housing Legislation and Housing Bond Campaign

Staff Lead:  Nathan Ho, Senior Director of Housing and Community Development

Executive Champions:
Steve Milligan, CEO, Western Digital Corporation and Matt Mahan, CEO, Brigade


The Housing and Community Development team’s State Policy efforts will carry on the momentum of the 2017 historic housing legislation package signed into law. Staff will identify and partner with state elected officials to advocate for further housing policy that will spur the production of housing at all income levels, especially for affordable workforce housing. This might include reforms around the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). To launch our 2018 legislative efforts, the Leadership Group will convene a high-level Housing Summit early in the 2018 legislative session focused for CEOs and state elected officials. The goal will be to identify specific goals that the business community can own and carry out in support of the legislators and their proposed bills. It has been more than a decade since the state last voted on a housing bond. The November 2018 ballot will have a $4 billion housing bond up for a vote. The Leadership Group was pivotal in the passage of the 2006 Prop 1C housing bond and will be a leader in the 2018 housing bond partnering with statewide housing organizations like the California Housing Consortium and Housing California.

Quantifiable Goals:

  • host Housing Summit early in the 2018 legislative session
  • co-lead the statewide housing bond campaign as a member of the core group of 4 decision-making partners
  • win the statewide housing bond campaign in November 2018
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Local Land Use Planning, Development and Zoning Policy

Staff Lead:  Nathan Ho, Senior Director of Housing and Community Development

Executive Champion:
Carla Boragno, VP Site Services, Genentech

Priority: The Leadership Group Housing and Community Development team will work to impact on-the-ground efforts through the planning process, specifically engaging in the development of specific plans in the county and cities by advocating for and shaping local legislative efforts including: funding, housing element laws, inclusionary zoning, fees, and transit-oriented developments. The team will also, in an effort to better convey business interests in an increased production of new housing, convene city elected officials and staff to meet with large employers, developers, and community organizations to ensure that the best housing is being built. These efforts will create a platform for Leadership Group member companies to be supportive of local efforts for new housing and to advance the business voice in housing development decisions.

Quantifiable Goals:

  • provide input and endorse precise/specific plans throughout Santa Clara County
  • identify and advocate for three housing policies at the regional and local levels
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Project Advocacy

Staff Lead: Kat Wortham, Associate, Health and Housing

Executive Champions: 
Father Michael Engh, President, Santa Clara University; Kelly Erardi, Senior Vice President of Forward Planning, Republic Urban

Priority: A hallmark of the Leadership Group Housing and Community Development team’s impact locally is its presence at City Council and Planning Commission meetings to advocate for specific housing developments being approved and built. The team seeks and evaluates new housing projects in Silicon Valley and the greater Bay Area based on strict criteria that prioritize appropriate high-density projects, transit-oriented development, and affordable housing.

Quantifiable Goals:

  • meet with five developers to understand their housing and community development approaches and to steward working relationships with them
  • endorse 10 housing proposals in Housing Committee
  • Of the endorsed housing proposals that will come to a decision in 2018, including those endorsed prior to 2018, at least 75 percent of the housing proposals are approved for development by the city or county in which they are proposed.
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Community Engagement and Outreach

Staff Leads: Matthew Quevedo, Senior Associate of Housing, Transportation and Community Engagement; Kat Wortham, Associate, Health and Housing

Executive Champion: Joe Anzalone, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Technology Credit Union

Priority: The Leadership Group’s Housing and Community Development team’s community engagement and outreach connects the association with key influencers throughout the year and allows us to build strong relationships and make new connections. Our position is made stronger by bringing everyone to the table to discuss issues openly and productively.

This year, we will host a Q2 Neighborhood Leaders Council in conjunction with our Affordable Housing Week Mobile Tour in Santa Clara County. The joint convening will leverage overlapping target audiences and feature transit-oriented development. Through the Students Leaders Council, we are connecting with the future leaders of Silicon Valley and increasing our name recognition throughout the Valley.

Quantifiable Goals:

  • host Mobile Tour during Affordable Housing Week in Santa Clara County in May 2018
  • complete final Neighborhood Leaders Council meeting in Q4
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Past Wins

2018 Local Housing Advocacy

  • As of July 2018: Endorsed and supported eleven housing developments that will provide 3,596 new homes in seven cities, 28% of which (1,031 apts) will be affordable housing.
  • Of the four developments (1,216 total homes) that have been considered by City Councils, all four projects were approved to move forward. 32% of the homes (387) are affordable housing.
  • Leadership Group appointed to City of San Jose, Diridon Station Area Advisory Group (SAAG). Mercury News Letter to the Editor.
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2017 Local Housing Advocacy

  • Supported eleven housing developments that will provide 6,543 new homes in eight cities.
  • Adoption of North Bayshore Precise Plan by the Mountain View City Council allowing for 9,850 new housing homes in the area. Partnered with SV@Home, Greenbelt Alliance, and local coalition partners.
  • Leadership Group’s Senior Director for Housing and Community Development, Nathan Ho, appointed to City of Santa Clara’s El Camino Real Specific Plan Community Advisory Committee.
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2016 Local Housing Advocacy

  • Supported developments for 5,688 new homes by advocating before 29 different city councils and planning commissions in eight cities.
  • Adoption of the Lawrence Station Area Plan by the Sunnyvale City Council in December 2016. The adoption capped our two-year advocacy effort to revitalize the Lawrence Station Area with high density, transit-oriented, and mixed used development.
  • Partnered with California Housing Consortium to co-sponsor “Affordable Housing and CEQA,” a convening of local elected officials, city staff, state appointees and advocates.
  • Partnered on the campaign to renew Santa Clara County’s Park Charter Fund. “Yes on A” (June 2016) passed with 78.08% support and ensures that Santa Clara County parks have the funds needed to serve our communities as they grow. Mercury News editorial by the Leadership Group and the San Jose Earthquakes, a member company.
  • Member of San Jose’s 2016 General Plan Task Force’s 4-year Review. Advocated for additional affordable housing and Urban Villages near transit centers to move forward more quickly.
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Legislative Activity

2018 State Legislation


  • SB 828 (Wiener) Regional Housing Needs Allocation RHNA Reform – Signed into law


  • SB 827 (Wiener) Transit-Oriented Zoning Standards
  • SB 831 (Wieckowski) Accessory Dwelling Units ADUs
  • SB 1430 (Glazer) Expedited CEQA Process
  • AB 1771 (Bloom) Regional Housing Needs Allocation RHNA Reform – Signed into law
  • AB 1804 (Berman) CEQA Exemption, Unincorporated County Infill – Signed into law
  • AB 2147 (Caballero) Predictability of Development Fees
  • AB 2890 (Ting) Accessory Dwelling Units ADUs
  • AB 2923 (Chiu, Grayson) Transit-Oriented BART Zoning Standards – Signed into law
  • AB 3030 (Caballero) CEQA Exemption, Opportunity Zones
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2017 State Legislation


  • SB 2 (Atkins) Building Homes and Jobs Act
  • SB 3 (Beall) Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act
  • SB 53 (Steinorth)  Homeownership Savings Accounts
  • AB 45 (Thurmond) California School Employee Housing Assistance Grant Program
  • AB 71 (Chiu) Low-Income Housing Tax Credit allocation increase

Oppose Unless Amended

  • AB 59 (Thurmond) Local Housing Trust Fund Matching Grant
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Statewide Propositions 1 and 2

Regional Affordable Housing Advocacy Groups


2018 Housing Solutions Summit (hosted at Facebook)

More than 175 business leaders, elected officials, community partners and housing advocates came together on February 9th to focus on solutions to the housing shortage facing the Silicon Valley and greater Bay Area. More than half of the attendees were private sector CEOs, C-suite, or VPs, who committed to solutions they and/or their organizations would consider pursuing in 2018.

The Summit featured nearly 20 solution-oriented presentations and participants selected the solutions to which they would commit their time, talent, and/or treasure.

Thanks to member company Facebook for hosting our Housing Solutions Summit, and to the Bay Area Council for co-leading the event.


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2018 Housing Tour

The Leadership Group held its annual 2018 Housing Tour as a part of Santa Clara County’s Affordable Housing Week. This year’s Tour was hosted in the City of Milpitas and focused on transit-oriented development. Attendees engaged in a rich discussion on the benefits and challenges of high-density housing development around the upcoming Milpitas BART station.

Thank you to the elected officials, planning commissioners, and passionate community members, and developers who attended and lent their experience and expertise.



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Keep current with our activity via Twitter! @SVLeadershipGrp

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