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America Needs Immigration Reform

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group is once again taking a delegation of 12 CEOs – each running globally competitive, demanding companies – away from their own businesses to tend to our nation’s business. Investing three full days in Washington, D.C., these 12 CEOs will meet individually with more than 50 key members of the House of Representatives, pressing for comprehensive immigration reform.

What makes this trip unique is what makes Silicon Valley’s innovation economy unique:

  • First, we are primarily not going to D.C. to preach to the converted. Our meetings are with 50 members of the House who are not yet convinced we need comprehensive immigration reform.
  • Second, while the Leadership Group’s 400 member companies are primarily headquartered in Silicon Valley, our members have facilities and employees in all 50 states and in almost all 435 congressional districts. Our visits with 50 House members will underscore that we have one or more of our companies that has a physical presence in each of those districts.
  • Third, while our expertise in immigration reform is strongest on the need for high-skill, high-wage workers to continue to fuel America’s innovation economy, we also recognize the need for workers from around the globe engaged in high-tech, low-tech and no-tech; which is why our trip to D.C. is also coordinated with California’s essential agriculture industry. Together, we will make the case that a strong economy requires workers in all industries who were born here in the U.S. or desire to legally come here and contribute to our country.

Our country’s immigration system is broken. As Silicon Valley CEOs, we are committed to working with Congress to fix it.

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