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Blessed are the Peacemakers

State Senate President Darrell Steinberg may not be a household name in Silicon Valley, but the work that he does and the leadership he provides impacts every household in California.

His work has led to meaningful workers compensation reform, the curtailment of
frivolous lawsuits against small businesses and a host of other legislative successes.

He is thoughtful and tenacious; and a master of bringing all sides together to forge consensus over seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Which brings us to today. Senator Steinberg is now working to champion meaningful reform to the California Environmental Quality Act, also known as CEQA.

CEQA – a great law often greatly abused for non-environmental purposes – is the Holy Grail to many advocates on all sides of the issue.

Senator Steinberg’s legislation – SB 731 – is up for its first committee vote. The legislation is not perfect, but neither is my marriage . . . Or my house . . . Or anything else in life. It is, however, a significant starting point.

More importantly, we have the right leader who is “walking point,” willing to be attacked by all sides while working to find meaningful reform that will still protect our environment, strengthen our economy, and end the frivolous lawsuits that are filed for reasons based more on greed than the common good.

Thank you, Senator Steinberg. Your leadership is appreciated.

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  1. Carl,
    Thank you for the comments contained in your blog. The type of behavior you reference is not new, it has been evident in our political dialogue since long before the forming of our nation. Accounts of the feud between Jefferson and Hamilton, Adams and Congress are clear cases of where this was the case. It is, none the less, saddening to see the increased vigor with which political agendas are pursued and how either side is vilified by the other.
    My sister, who worked on Capitol Hill for most of her career, has political views much removed from mine, but there are two things on which we fervently agree. First and foremost, democracy is a participatory sport. Secondly, the ground rules demand intellectual honesty and at least a modicum of civility.
    Best regards,
    Ralph Dickman

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