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California’s Education System

Growing up here in the 1960’s and 70’s, California’s K-12 education system was the envy of the earth.

But we have gone from first – to close to worst – in math scores, reading scores, and drop-out rates.

Our kids deserve better.

Kudos to the Obama Administration for their reform efforts centered around a competitive program called “Race to the Top.” Dangling a carrot of several billion dollars, states have pushed forward reforms in the hopes of securing additional federal funds.

In the first round, California didn’t get a dime, but we did get some key accountability reforms through the California Legislature.

Now it’s time for “Race to the Top” – Round Two – and California was selected as a finalist. As our application moves forward, we hope our state leaders will put kids first by emphasizing the following:

• Requiring both teacher and principal evaluations to be based, in part, on student performance
• ensuring effective teachers and principals are placed in low-performing and high-poverty schools and
• using robust data to turn around low-performing schools.

We can improve California’s schools – our kids deserve the best.

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