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Do You Walk the Walk or Just Talk the Talk?

While some just talk the talk, many walk the walk.

For seven straight years, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group has partnered with the San Francisco 49ers for our annual Pasta Bowl charity fundraiser. This year’s sold-out community event was the best ever. It underscored, to me, that while some in society talk a good game about community engagement, there are still many that make amazing impact. Here is what sets this effort apart:

  • Leadership by example: The San Francisco 49ers are a class act. Under the leadership of the York family – John Denise and Jed York – an attitude of gratitude permeates throughout the team. Under the leadership of Coach Harbaugh, they are great competitors on the field and gracious people off the field.
  • Global CEOs leaving local legacies: The Pasta Bowl sells out each year, with more than 1,000 community leaders in attendance. Dozens of CEOs invest both time and treasure to participate; leaders like Tom Werner, Tom Fallon, Dan Gordon, Mike Fox, Kevin Murai and Sharon Matthews – fierce competitors in the marketplace, yet firmly committed to building a better community.
  • Service about self: The Pasta Bowl raises funds for two great non-profits helping disadvantaged kids in our community. As John York says, our mission is to ensure kids are safe, in school and on-track. Once again, we were able to support Fresh Lifelines for Youth and City Year San José/Silicon Valley. While 1,000 leaders enjoyed a great pasta meal, the kids and families served by these two great non-profits often wonder where there next meal will come from.

We are blessed. Let’s invest those blessings in service to others. Our Valley and ourselves will become better for having done so.

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