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Local Girl Scouts – Global Impact

Here’s Food for Thought . . . The Girl Scouts today are about a lot more than deliciously tempting Thin Mint cookies.

Recently, my seven-year-old daughter Jessica and her nine-member Scout Troop earned a merit badge for helping a low-income woman in Africa to grow her business.

Through Kiva – A Micro-lending initiative helping low-income women around the world to start and run their own businesses – this local Los Gatos girl scout troop loaned a single-mother in Africa $50 to help her with supplies for her small farm.

Kiva not only funds and empowers women entrepreneurs in impoverished countries around the globe, but it also enjoys a 98 percent repayment rate on the micro-loans that they make.

Don’t get me wrong, my little girl Jessica will still log in a lot of hours standing in front of a local grocery store selling Girl Scout Cookies, but it is also re-assuring that today’s young girls are also serving women around the world to lift themselves out of poverty, provide for their families and establish and grow their own businesses.

Local Girl Scouts; Global impact. Our world truly is shrinking, as our vision – appropriately – is expanding.

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