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No on Proposition 24

Last week, KLIV’s Jason Bennert presented an excellent series on California budget propositions, including Proposition 24.

While accuracy is all too often a casualty in political campaigns, the inaccurate statements by a San Jose State University professor urging support of Prop 24 need to be corrected.

First, background:

Proposition 24 was placed on the ballot by the powerful California Teachers Association to rescind three state tax measures passed with bi-partisan support to make California employers more competitive with other states, let alone other nations.

In defending Prop 24, the professor claimed the tax provisions would only help a handful of large companies. That is false. According to the state’s own Franchise Tax Board, Prop 24 would negatively impact 120,000 California employers, large and small.

The Rose Institute of Local and State Government estimates Prop 24 could cost another 322,000 jobs and $1.8 billion in lost tax revenues.

Our tax laws should encourage job growth, not penalize it. Vote NO on Prop 24.

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