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Silicon Valley needs a direct flight to Tokyo

Growing up, I was a fan of the Harlem Globetrotters. However, I have never been a fan of globetrotting local elected officials, who believe it is their job to trek around the planet.

I make an exception for San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, who hates frivolous travel as much as me. This past week, we traveled together to Tokyo – wheels up to wheels down: 71 hours.

The reason: meetings with the CEO and senior staff of ANA, Japan’s second largest airline, as we seek a direct flight between San Jose International and Tokyo.

More than 400 Silicon Valley residents take the trek daily to SFO – the airport with the worst on-time performance in the U.S. – to fly to Tokyo. It would be easier, more efficient and more economical to fly from San Jose, the airport with the nation’s best on-time performance, and that is the mayor’s and my shared goal.

It is refreshing to have a mayor who would rather work to improve our city than engage in foreign policy, but it is equally refreshing to know that when he does travel, it is solely when it is in the city’s, and our valley’s, best interest. Mayor Reed: globetrotter – no. World-class – yes.

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